A Bitter Enemy and Sweet Friend

How depression is a curse and a gift

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A brief foundation

As a Christian, I know I am a stranger in this present world. I am a sojourning pilgrim following the narrow way to eternal life in heaven. This narrow way, traveled by faith and trust in Jesus, is the only way. All other roads lead to death.

Anything that keeps my eyes pointed heavenward is a blessing.

Having laid a general foundation to build from, we can now get back specifically to the issue of depression.

Depression as a curse

Depression is a curse, a bitter enemy. I am not going to wax poetic here, but I will say this.

Depression is like a dark cloud that appears, uninvited and unwelcome, raining on every area of your life.

Sometimes it has an explanation, but not always. It infects everything. The malady of depression can make it seem as though there is nothing in this life to be enjoyed. The goal of depression, atleast in my experience, is to rob you of any joy you could have in this world.

Depression as a blessing

If we truly understand the eternal significance of keeping our eyes pointed heavenward we will see how the curse of depression is made to be a blessing. The bitter enemy becomes a sweet friend, a signpost along the path.

The curse of depression turns our eyes from this world. We lose hope in what this world has to offer. It redirects our gaze to heaven and causes us to transfer our hope there.

At first, depression seems like a bitter enemy. But, handled rightly, depression can be a sweet friend. It keeps us focused. It keeps us on the path.

I'm a Pastor, writer, musician, and deep thinker. I write on the things I am passionate about. You can find more of my work here: ancientpaths.substack.com

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