Hello. It’s Me.

A conversation with failure

Hello. It’s me, Failure. I know, we just talked a minute ago. What can I say? I like to be heard. Listen, I’m going to level with you on some things. It’s obvious you like to hear from Encouragement, Hope, Comfort, Peace, and all those other guys. The problem is they just set you up for disappointment. They’re just saying whatever they can to make you feel better. It’s time you started appreciating me! I tell you the hard truth! I give you the facts!

Get away from me failure! I’m not going to listen to you!

You don’t have a choice! I’m the loudest voice in your head. Do you really think you can drown me out?! You’re going to have to admit it sooner or later. I know a success story when I see one. And you? You’re just a lost cause.

I’m doing the best I can.

Oh, I know. I’ll give it to you. You tried real hard. You gave it your best shot. But you and I both know the only thing that matters is results. Let’s think about yours. Look at your hands. Empty. Look at your life. It’s a train wreck! Look at your family. Do they even like you? Look at your life. God has to be shaking His head. The people you love? You’ve failed them all. There’s no hope for you!

I can get better


I’ll pray more


I mean, I guess…


Just let me breathe!


It’s me, Jesus. You do remember me, don’t you? I can’t believe you are still listening to this guy. Yes, you fail quite often. But that is not who you are anymore. That is not your identity. Failure is an expert in half truths. He is telling you the first part of the story, but not the rest.

Who paid for all your failings? I did. That weight is no longer on your shoulders. You’ve lived a broken life, but on the cross your shame fell on me. I lived a perfect life. Because I stood in your place that perfection was counted as yours. To believe anything else is not only seeing yourself as a failure, but seeing me as one too. And you know that’s not true.

You are no failure. You are a child of God! Failure thought he had you, but he lost you. He’s just mad because he failed.

Failure is persistent. He will be back. So will I, to remind you once again.

I'm a Pastor, writer, musician, and deep thinker. I write on the things I am passionate about. You can find more of my work here: ancientpaths.substack.com

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