The Dark Night of the Soul


Maybe God is asleep too.

The “perfect Christian” image gives a false impression of what the Christian life is like and creates spiritual lepers out of those who are fighting for life in the middle of darkness.

With all of us burying our pain and suffering we all feel isolated because everyone else seems ok.

The world is broken. We are broken. And our whole life on this earth is spent somewhere in the middle of that brokenness.

Photo by Kurt Cotoaga on Unsplash

Chapter 1: God of My Salvation

Have you ever felt it? It’s that sinking, dying feeling inside. It’s that chaotic tumult trapped within your frame. It’s an enemy that follows you everywhere you go.

Even in the darkest portions of God’s Word we are given light for guidance and a foundation to stand on.

Your hope is not to be found in the subjective emotions and experiences of your daily life. It is to be found in the objective truth and reality of God.

But notice what tends to happen when suffering enters our own life and things become personal.

This is the world’s system. It attempts to subject God’s truth to human authority through human observation.

God is, was, and always will be the same. Take comfort in knowing the God of your suffering is the same God of your salvation.

But God is not filling the role of Lord. The Lord is who He is.

He needs nothing. He has no source. Rather, He is the source for all things. His holiness is so great, His dominion is so far above all things, and His power is so superior to all power that the most accurate description human language can find is the one He gave to us – “I AM.”

First, it changes your attitude toward your trouble.

Second, it changes your attitude toward God.

If we allow suffering to stop us from worshipping and glorifying God, then we are not just giving up on religion. We are giving up on our very reason for living. You and I were created to worship God. Even in our dark night. Especially in our dark night. It is our very identity and purpose.

I'm a Pastor, writer, musician, and deep thinker. I write on the things I am passionate about. You can find more of my work here:

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