Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

These hands have ruined everything they’ve touched.

These ears have heard the cry, "Guilty!", from God the Just.

These eyes have witnessed things they can’t unsee.

This tongue can tell the awful taste those things always leave.

This nose has smelled the awful stench from my rotten heart.

It beats a little softer every day it falls apart.

And I can’t forget the whisper
Sometimes it’s a scream
"Failure!", hear it from below,
"This is your destiny!"

But as I sink into the deep
Like Jonah in the sea
That vision, oh, that sweet relief
Comes again to me.

His hands! They are pierced for all my broken things!

These ears hear Him cry, "Father, forgive them please!"

These eyes cannot unsee the slaughtered Lamb of Old!

This tongue has tasted of the bread that fills the empty soul!

This nose picks up the distant scent of that promised fruit,
That grows upon the tree of life where all will be made new!

What blessed peace
When there I find
My life is in His hands
Not mine.

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